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Apart from straightforward deletion, another classic sign of "tampering" to look for on OS maps is the use of the rather uninformative labels "Works" or "Depot".

This is sometimes an indication that a site has important Government and/or military activities. Throughout the 1960s, Sir Martin Furnival-Jones, Director General of MI5 (the Security Service) during the Cold War, insisted that all sensitive sites be labelled on maps in this way, so their true strategic role would be concealed from potential enemy agents.

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Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields.These sites should already not only be aware of what is public, but also have taken security measures accordingly.""Your 'Secret Base' site is an excellent example of what can be achieved by painstaking, forensic research of what is available from open sources and the Internet.Whatever might be deemed to be 'sensitive' has usually been known to the 'opposition' for years and it is only the general public who are denied their 'right to know' by officious, blinkered, low-level bureaucrats.""Your website contains a vast amount of first class, eye-opening information, based on original research.They had been compiled by the KGB throughout the Cold War years, from 1950 right up to 1997, using their own satellite imagery, making all the fuss somewhat pointless after all.

In June 2007, in a major update to Google Earth's UK imagery, most of the locations featured on this website became available at high resolution.The truth behind an infamous UKconspiracy theory surrounding alegendary underground storage basefinally revealed in a new televisiondocumentary on Sky Channel 201The astonishing facts are evenstranger than the wild stories UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation biocontainment laboratoryto be built next to St.